Josep Lluís Pérez honored me joining to this Jam, he is one of the most renowned and respected Guitar players from Spain. His taste for the melody and astonishing sense for the rythm, made his name, one of the most common on the credits of the CD´s most best sold.
Near to 10 Gold and Platinum award records with Bands like: "los Burros", "Los Rápidos" or "El último de la fila", added to a limitless recordings for the most renowned Artists, and Tours.
Josep Lluís was fascinated with the Reverbs from the H9, and recorded this song with a digital delay from the H9 with only a single repetition on the feedback.
The signal flow was; Guitar (crafted by himself), H9 Max (with a modified 1984PANAMA preset, based on the H910 allgorithm), to a Vox AC30 amp, the capture was with a single SM57 in front of the speaker.
By my side, I used my Colobre Dingo, to the H9 with a Customized Spacetime algorithm, to the input of the George Tube Amps El Dorado. 
Recorded at Musiclan Studios by Jordi Solè.
Video Production from Borja Olalla for Look & Sound.